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Created 2017-08-31
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Title Newest Air Jordan 11 Bred Online For Sale 2017
Description This is a classic black and  <a href="">New Jordans 2017</a> generations of the body is flowing with the birth of the noble blood, it is a downright nobility, who distributed the king of the breath is still impressive, the flow of time, many new shoes have been launched, but Jordan 11 generation is still standing in the top of basketball shoes. Air Jordan 11 Retro every debut will make sneaker sector crazy, from Cool gray to Concord to the end of the black and red, the emergence of each pair of Air Jordan XI can be described as the ultimate in the classic. Air Jordan 11 Retro was originally in 1994-1995 Jordan in the playoffs have begun to wear, the beginning were the heel embroidered 45 and heel embroidered 23 two versions. 2000 end AJ XI engraved listing, almost can be said to be an instant to sell chime, Jordan 11 generation has been completely become the basketball shoes in the emperor.
<a href="">2017 Air Jordan Shoes</a> black patent leather into the basketball shoes design, the first year of Jordan 11 generations and fashion giant Gucci co-production of patent leather uppers for the first time will be combined with fashion and sports together, but also doomed Air Jordan 11 Retro born Superiority. The above part of the patent leather is used in the nylon mesh grinds the surface, making Jordan 11 generations lighter, more flexible and more comfortable. Fly in the ointment is precisely because the nylon mesh soft and flexible, so that the support at the ankle is not so reliable, which is always Air Jordan 11 are only suitable for speed players reasons.
<a href="">Kyrie 3 For Sale</a>, translucent rubber outsole is not the first time in the Air Jordan series, but once the Jordan 5 generation and Jordan 6 generation and so on with a translucent rubber outsole shoes Are unable to provide sufficient grip for the players ability, Jordan 11 generations of the outsole in addition to maximize the beautification of the shoes in the movement of the foot of the focus of the use of a large number of words design, this design greatly improved the shoes Brake performance, whether it is Mid style or Low Cut style, in the start, emergency stop, change to three aspects have a translucent outsole basketball shoes before the unparalleled high performance.The poor is thinking, the law of the NIKE will not focus on a focus from the University of North Carolina score guard who. The traditional era of the inside is the backbone of a team, no matter how good the outside players in the team is only icing on the cake. People think NIKE is gambling again. When a paper expensive contract placed in front of MJ, a generation of legend but this kicked off!
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