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Created 2017-07-22
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Title Hornsby who hit to maddenvip
Description Hornsby who hit 39 percent of his threes and averaged 13.5 points per game last year, is the other definite starter, and a great fit next to Simmons.Blakeney should also be an immediate impact player, and a possible one-and-done himself if he has a big year. He's a scoring guard who might project as a bigger Lou Williams. With defenses keyed in on

Simmons, Blakeney should get lots of chances to find his own offense. Don't discount the existing rapportbetween those two, either.Grey gained lots of experience last season and could also find himself in the starting lineup. Patterson -- Simmons' former high school teammate -- had a quality freshman season a year ago, too.Bigger questions rest up front, with Elbert Robinson

III needing to control his weight (he's been listed as heavy as 320 pounds in the last year) and fellow Aussie (noticing a trend here?) Darcy Malone only taking 21 shots all of last season while backing up LSU's NBA-bound front court of Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey. Just imagine if those two guys stayed around. LSU might be preseason

No. 1.How LSU can go home early: Defense is half of the gameThe good news for LSU is that the defense has improved in each of Jones' three years at the helm, going from 114 to 63 to 32 according toKenPom's defensive efficiency rankings. Much of last year's improvement could be traced to You can visit to our website
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